18 Responses to GeneratePasswordResetTokenAsync and Data Protection Operation errors

  1. trailmax says:

    That’s a good catch! Nice solution!

  2. FO says:

    Thank you. This really helped. I was going nuts trying to find the cause. You would think IIS would enable this parameter to true, particularly for .Net apps

  3. Joe Vago says:

    I had spent days looking at this. Finally found your post. Thank you for the answer!

  4. Alairton Dendena says:

    Thank you so much man!

  5. lmax says:

    Wow, great post, but my problem is similar and cannot be resolved with your solution.

    This IIS app pool attribute is already setted to TRUE but THE SAME problem occurs only when I’m trying to make a “ForgotPassword” action for not authenticated users,,, For authenticated users works fine.
    Do you know what it can be?

    • mlichtenberg says:

      Ouch! You are the unlucky first person I have encountered where ensuring that “Load User Profile” was true did NOT solve the problem. I am afraid that I do not have any additional advice for solving this issue. If you find a solution feel free to share it in a comment here.

      • lmax says:

        Thanks for the quick response! So, I figured out what occurred with my application… My WEB.CONFIG was with the tag ” “, this was the problem with annonimous requests with GeneratePasswordResetTokenAsync method.

      • lmax says:

        * with the tag “identity impersonate=”true”

  6. Mazhar Hayat says:

    you saved my day seriously thanks

  7. Kaushik Dhameliya says:

    We have applied All above solutions, Unfortunately, It was not work.
    Then I have tried with and Its work for me.
    Even though we have changed setting “Load User Profile = false” in IIS.
    Please let me know weather its right or wrong.But its working for me.

    • mlichtenberg says:

      I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that you found a solution other than changing “Load User Profile” to “true”? Can you explain what you did?

  8. hubert17 says:

    After days of misery… I am on Amazon EC2 ad it works! Thank you so much!

  9. Ricky says:

    It works! Thank you for your solution!

  10. Michael says:

    Thank you! Helped me out also. Luckily, I googled this issue right away before going down some rabbit hole. lol

  11. lalaland says:

    Wooow…That’s exactly what I want…Thank you so much for solution!

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